Malaseb Pet Shampoo For Itching

Tue, Sep 7, 2010

Hair Care

If your pet, whether a dog, cat, horse, or other furry critter, is scratching incessantly at their fur they may have a condition known as pet seborrhea.  This problem can have two potential causes.  The first is it can be passed genetically from their parents but this is not really very likely.  The second, and far more common possibility, is that they are suffering from Type 2 which is caused by allergic reactions to pathogens which have invested the skin.

One of the best methods for treating this form of seborrhea is Malaseb Shampoo.  This product contains a good antifungal agent called Miconazole.  This will fight both a yeast infection and a fungal infection.  It also has Chlorhexidine which is a great anti-bacterial treatmeat which is effective as both a bactericide and a germicide.  This shampoo can treat seborrheic dermatitis because of these two ingredients.

This shampoo does not contain dyes and scents so it will not further irritate the skin of animals who are allergic to these ingredients.  It also will keep their coat shiny and healthy because is does not remove any essential oils from the hair.

The application of the shampoo is really quite simple, well unless your dog does not like taking baths of course.  The two most important parts are to be sure that the medicated pet shampoo reaches the skin and that it does not make its way into the eyes or the ears.  You should lather around the ears because this is the area that yeast usually lives but do not apply it inside the ear canal.  It can also cause irritation of the eyes so don’t get it there either.

Start by being sure the animals coat is completely wet in the area you are going to apply the shampoo.  On a big dog or horse you may find it necessary to work on only one body area at a time.  Lather your pet and make sure the shampoo is massaged clear down to the skin.  Once the shampoo is applied it needs to sit for at least ten minutes in order to do its work.  Then rinse completely to get the shampoo off of the skin.  Again, with a big animal you may want to work on only a small body portion at a time.

If the scratching or itching does not seem to be going away after a few weeks another trip to the vet may be necessary.  It is possible that your pet has genetic seborrhea or maybe he or she is showing an allergic reaction to something other than one of these pathogens.

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