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Wed, Aug 5, 2009

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There are dozens of treatments and remedies that can be used to treat hair loss and some of the natural hair restoration products work just as well as expensive drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. This has been a known fact for years. I remember several years ago my uncle was in the hospital and he had extreme diarrhea. The doctor ordered a medication for him with a name longer than a piece of paper. My uncle quizzed him about the drug. The reason my uncle was interested is because his grandmother had always had the kids chew on a blackberry root when they had diarrhea. The doctor chuckled and told my uncle the pills he just took were made from the root of blackberries. Sometime the natural remedy is the best.

Hair restoration clinics go out of there way to make everything seem so highly secretive and advanced. There are drugs like Finasteride that doctors can prescribe as part of the hair restoration procedure. This drug is designed to limit the amount of DHT in a person’s body. DHT is short for, dihydrotestosterone, which is a metabolite that results from the metabolism of the male hormone testosterone. DHT has been linked to enlarged prostrate in men and originally this is what the drug finasteride was designed to treat. Several men were in a study of the drug and it was found that not only did the pharmaceutical relieve the prostrate problem it also helped with hair loss restorations. Further studies concluded this drug can help to restore hair to some extent.

The interesting thing about his is a natural remedy already existed for the treatment of this male urinary tract problem. It is called Saw Palmetto and has been used in Europe for years. There is anecdotal evidence that this natural extract can also affect the rate of hair loss in men which would make since Saw Palmetto affects the male urinary tract by reducing the amount of DHT in the blood stream. Men’s hair restoration products also do the same thing.

The most natural surgical hair restoration procedure would have to be hair implants. With these the hair follicles are removed from a part of the head or body that has hair growth and transplanted to a site that needs more hair growth. The hair implants have a fairly large initial cost of hair restoration but in the long run you may not pay as much as with drugs that must be taken on a prolonged basis. A hair restoration transplant can have hair growing in your bald spot almost instantly and it matches perfectly because the hair is your own.

If you are looking for non-surgical hair restoration procedures then you will most likely be looking at a DHT blocker. Either a drub from the pharmaceutical companies or a natural extract like Saw Palmetto. Either way it is comforting to know you will look better without a bald spot than with one.

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